Natecoit is a leading enterprise software development and ERP implementation company who provides customized ERP and innovative business solutions. Trigent is dedicated to develop software for discrete manufacturing, trading and service management industries since 2012. 

Natecoit serves software for Discrete Manufacturing, Process Industries, Electronic & Switch Gear Manufacturers, Government & Public Sectors, Logistic, Facility Management, Automobile Industries, Chemical Industries, Equipment Renting, Vehicle Renting

  • Inventory Reduction
  • Reduced Software Overhead
  • Increasead Communication
  • Silo Reduction

Why Choose Us ?

We have a team of IT professionals that is expert in each of the unique skills necessary for a strong IT infrastructure and internet presence. Our aim is to provide best services to help clients meet their business needs and optimize their strengths. With it’s examined processes, this company makes recommendations to maximize a client’s profitability.

We serve an extensive portfolio of client’s, which have soared high within a short span of time without any hassles. With the above activities, our company also provides consultancy and training over ERP Technology

Advantages of Web-based WEB SEP ERP system

Access your business Anytime, Anywhere

With Natecoit ERP it is possible for you to work from office, home or while travelling by any type and size of device.

Manage Your Business More Productively

Natecoit ERP allows users to access modules and make transactions based on the user access permission granted to them. Even the contractors, vendors, customers and suppliers can access their related information through the assigned modules or through web services securely with accessing main company system

It is affordable, easy to use and quick to implement

With WEB SEP, you and your employees can access this business application system with just a computer and server.

SEP ERP software consolidates Process of Order processing, Material Requirement Planning, Purchase, Sales Inventory, Stock Management, Lot/Serial tracking etc for making the business operations of Trading Companies streamlined. Efficient accounting and Quality Management ensures correct information for better decision-making. Productivity and organization management is improved along with increase in profitability through automated operations in WEB SEP ERP.