360° Business Solutions

360° Busienss Solutions

Natecoit is recognised as a global leader in solving business challenges with IT solutions. We have created strategic relationships with some of the world’s leading organisations,  When you meet us, you’ll discover a company that has successfully maintained its values and client focus through significant growth.  

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What 360 Solutions High Performance Framework Can Do For Your Business

Why Choose Us ?

Help organizations reach their full potential as a Natecoit Solutions Strategic Partner. Join the global network of independent consultants working for themselves and making a difference in their communities.

If you’ve ever thought of starting a rewarding career as a consultant, Natecoit Solutions is the perfect partner. We help you start, build, and run you own independent practice.

The Transformation Model

The Transformation Model helps organization view themselves as a living system. Using our model, leaders can see how the pieces of the organization fit together. They can then make conscious choices about how to improve effectiveness. The model breaks down organization complexity into seven key elements: Results, Environment, Strategy, Core Process, Structure, Systems, and Culture. The elements are viewed as a whole system of interrelated parts which fit together and coordinate for success. High Performance is built into every aspect of the organization by using this model to guide a comprehensive approach to change.


We Work With Organizations in 3 Phases:

1 – Assessment and Strategy

We work with organizations to determine where they are right now and where they’d like to be. We then put together a strategy to help achieve those goals.

2 – Leadership Development

We help leaders transition from a traditional mindset to a High Performance one. Leaders provide the vision, inspiration, and direction to attract and motivate others.

3 – Team Development

We help leaders create self-managing, multi-functioning groups organized around a whole process. We help develop empowered employees responsible for their own success.

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